The Issues

Jobs, Economy, Taxes, and Tolls

As a small businessperson and farmer, Jason Gallion understands that high taxes, wasteful spending, and burdensome regulations are major impediments for businesses.  Jason will fight for lower taxes and fewer regulations so Maryland businesses can thrive and people can keep more of their hard-earned money.  In his first term, Governor Hogan has delivered $1.2 billion in tax, toll, and fee relief to Maryland small businesses and families, and we must keep moving in that direction.


Heroin and Opioid Epidemic

This epidemic affects people from all walks of life.  Jason understands how this issue can affect families, because his family, like so many others across the state, have suffered through the loss of a loved one in this epidemic.  We must continue and expand efforts that:

  • focus on prevention and education to all ages, especially elementary school aged children.
  • strictly enforce our laws
  • ensure tough penalties for drug dealers
  • hold healthcare providers, pharmacies, and drug companies accountable for proper and safe prescription opioid use
  • provide necessary treatment to people who are addicted


Accountability and Transparency in Government

Jason believes that government should be accountable and transparent.  He agrees with Governor Hogan that all General Assembly sessions should be live streamed online.   Maryland is one of only seven states in the nation that does not allow citizens to view deliberations of the legislature.  Citizens deserve to know what their elected representatives are saying and doing.


Redistricting after the 2020 Census

Jason Gallion served on the 2011 Harford County Council Redistricting Commission.  He is in favor of fair redistricting and opposes gerrymandering practices used to give one political party an unfair advantage.


Sanctuary State

Existing immigration laws for the vetting, processing, and deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States must be enforced.  Jason would oppose any efforts to make Maryland a “sanctuary state”.


Education and School Safety

Jason Gallion believes every child deserves access to a great education in a safe setting.  Jason believes that the more decisions made by parents, students, teachers, and local school boards the better.  It is vitally important for children to feel safe while attending school and for parents to have the peace of mind that their children are in a secure place.  Jason supports having school resource officers in every high and middle school along with limited entry and exit points into school buildings.


Second Amendment

The second amendment to the Constitution clearly protects an individual’s right to possess and use firearms for lawful purposes.  Restricting law-abiding citizens’ rights by making firearm ownership overly burdensome is wrong.  Jason is pro Second Amendment and believes lawful individuals have the right to protect themselves and their families.

Let me know what issues are important to you!